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Leadership That Works: A Study of Theological School Presidents

Author: Wheeler, Lewis, Miller, Ruger and Tiede
Date: January 20th, 2012
Key Words: President, leadership, succession

This report is no. 15 of the Auburn Studies, published in December 2010.  “A five-member research team studied seminary presidents and their senior teams for four years to identify the ingredients of leadership that creates stable, forward-looking theological institutions. The team followed ten new presidents as they began their work, visiting them for each year for three years, and also conducted case studies of six ‘well-functioning’ schools…. The report offers highlights of some best practices of theological school leadership and warnings about leadership patterns that do not work well.  A partial summary of the report published in In Trust Magazine.


Dowload here: <http://www.intrust.org/magazine/pastarticle.cfm?id=651>




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