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How shall we train? Non-residential equipping options for Asia.

Author: Allan Harkness
Date: April 28th, 2012
Key Words: Study options, non-residential, modular programs, Asia.

This article summarises the pros and cons of three main options for 'distance-mode' theological education where a local theological education institution is not available: 1. A fully-residential program, distant from the students' home base; 2. A distance education program; and  3. A non-residential, modular program, locally or distant from the students' home base. The programs of AGST Alliance’s MTh and PhD programs in SE Asia are given as a case study of the third option.
[Mission Round Table (Occasional Bulletin of OMF Mission Research), vol. 2, no 2 (August), 2006, pp. 28-30.]


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