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Learning expectations of students and faculty in theological education: A South East Asian theological college survey.

Author: Allan Harkness
Date: April 28th, 2012
Key Words: Learning expectations, deep vs surface learning, student learning, critical thinking, prior learning experiences.

This article highlights the need for critical thinking in theological education, and the place of deep vs surface approaches in student learning for this to happen effectively. A survey among both students and faculty at a SE Asian theological college designed to explore expectations and perceptions of features of the learning processes in the college is described and the results discussed. The survey described in this paper could well be adapted and used by theological/Bible college faculty to raise awareness of these issues, in order to enhance the teaching/learning dynamic in their institutions.
[in Journal of Asian Evangelical Theology, vol.16, nos. 1&2 (June & December), 2008, pp. 124-143.]


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