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Tending the Seedbeds: Educational Perspectives on Theological Education in Asia (chapter abstracts)

Author: Allan Harkness (editor)
Date: August 1st, 2012
Key Words: Theological education, pedagogy, educational approaches.

This 12-chapter volume explores educational perspectives on the task of Christian theological education. It is designed to stimulate the thinking of leaders in theological training institutions and to motivate critical reflection on current practice, in order to enhance the effectiveness of the institutions in equipping people for relevant ministry and leadership of the Church. The volume was compiled to celebrate the Asia Theological Association's 40th anniversary, so the focus of the articles is especially on the Asian context. However many of the insights are relevant to theological education beyond Asia. The article contains the abstracts for each chapter, see specific entries in TEN for each chapter. 


Tending the Seedbeds: Educational Perspectives on Theological Education in Asia. 
Manila: Asia Theological Association, 2010. ISBN 978-971-94803-2-7. 
Available for purchase from ATA, Email: ataasia@gmail.com; Website: www.ataasia.com.



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