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Christian Leadership Development and the Spiritual Disciplines

Author: Kwai Lin Stephens
Date: August 1st, 2012
Key Words: Spiritual disciplines, followership, leadership development, Christian leadership, character.

Christian leaders with spiritual integrity are in short supply. So the way leaders are trained needs to be re-examined. This chapter urges that the emphasis on leadership development shift from leadership to follower-ship, from information to spiritual formation, and from content to character. Leaders must be disciples before they can be disciple makers. Leadership development needs to integrate three elements: the disciplines of head (calling and follower-ship), heart (character), and hands (competence). To integrate these three disciplines in the seminary setting, attention may be given to non-formal educational approaches, the power of the hidden curriculum and modelling, and mentoring and coaching.

From Tending the Seedbeds: Educational Perspectives on Theological Education in Asia (pp. 193-211). (Editor: Allan Harkness; Manila: Asia Theological Association; 2010.) Permission to upload this chapter onto this site has been granted by the Asia Theological Association. Printed copies of the book can be purchased from the Asia Theological Association (Email: ataasia@gmail.com; Website: www.ataasia.com).





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