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The Rise of the Net-Generation: Implications for Educational Renewal in the Seminary Classroom.

Author: Calvin Chong
Date: August 1st, 2012
Key Words: Net-generation, theological education, renewal, technology, learning spaces, multiple modalities, built pedagogies.

This chapter explores the rise of the Net Generation, their characteristics and expectations, and how their presence pose challenges to the traditional seminary classroom. Three responses are proposed for educators and administrators in the theological academy as they anticipate an emerging generation of learners raised in immersive digital environments: 1. Develop awareness of ‘built pedagogies’ in learning spaces; 2. Integrate multiple modalities into classroom learning; and 3. Adopt technologies which promote learning in face-to-face as well as online classrooms.

From Tending the Seedbeds: Educational Perspectives on Theological Education in Asia (pp. 75-102). (Editor: Allan Harkness; Manila: Asia Theological Association; 2010.) Permission to upload this chapter onto this site has been granted by the Asia Theological Association. Printed copies of the book can be purchased from the Asia Theological Association (Email: ataasia@gmail.com; Website: www.ataasia.com).






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