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Reproducing Leaders through Mentoring

Author: Ian Payne
Date: August 1st, 2012
Key Words: Transformational education; relational epistemology; mentoring; theological education; leadership development; love in learning

This chapter proposes that theological educational institutions can play a significant part in producing the leaders the Church needs by mentoring their students more effectively. Mentoring new leaders is a necessary and exciting task for theological and developmental reasons, and theological educators must know and use the power of mentoring, as an essential element of transformative education, if their students are to be transformed. A mentoring model is preferred over ‘an academically-distant superior lecturer’ or an unmodified ‘guru-shishya’ model of relationship in order to give young leaders the support, challenge and mutuality in discipleship that they and the Church need.


From Tending the Seedbeds: Educational Perspectives on Theological Education in Asia (pp. 167-191). (Editor: Allan Harkness; Manila: Asia Theological Association; 2010.) Permission to upload this chapter onto this site has been granted by the Asia Theological Association. Printed copies of the book can be purchased from the Asia Theological Association (Email: ataasia@gmail.com; Website: www.ataasia.com).






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