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Doctoral work and equitability

Author: Douglas Carew
Date: November 23rd, 2012
Key Words: doctoral, standards, PhD, equitability, global

Dr Douglas Carew delivered this speech on the equitability of doctoral work at the 2012 Third ICETE Doctoral Consultation in Nairobi. Among specific goals of the ICETE Doctoral Initiative, and of its sequence of consultations, were 1) to enable key majority world evangelical doctoral programmes to become better acquainted, to exchange information, and to discuss common opportunities and challenges, 2) to enable all relevant parties to interact in critical review of this important emerging trend, 3) to enable all participants to explore relevant modes for cross-fertilisation and collaboration, including at global level, 4) to explore quality assurance standards for doctoral studies, and opportunities for programmes to secure international standing and credibility, 5) to enable key entities supportive of evangelical theological education globally to endorse the significance of this trend, and the value of opting for demonstrated excellence in implementing these programmes, 6) to identify and involve other resource providers who could contribute value to this enterprise.



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