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Reflective Practice in the Teaching of New Testament Exegesis

Author: Mária Gusztinné Tulipán
Date: March 27th, 2013
Key Words: reflective practice, New Testament, text-based disciplines, Wesleyan Quadrilateral


Possibilities and Limitations of Reflective Practice Used with Text-based Disciplines. This essay was written in partial fulfillment of the assessment for the first module LST’s MA in Theological Education (a programme designed and delivered in collaboration with the EEAA). It addresses the key area of using reflective practice ideas to enrich exegetical courses which otherwise so often seem to be like taking apart the piano to understand a Beethoven sonata. Mária Gusztinné Tulipán heads up the learning centre of the EEAA accredited undergraduate course of the European Nazarene College, based in Budapest. 

It was first published in The Theological Educator:  http://thetheologicaleducator.net/2013/03/27/reflective-practice-in-the-teaching-of-new-testament-exegesis/



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