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Ten Dimensions that Shape Your Board

Author: Kim Sundet Vanderwall
Date: July 9th, 2010

 Title: Ten Dimensions that Shape Your Board: Coloring outside the box: One size does not fit all in nonprofit governance workbook

Author: Kim Sundet Vanderwall, Ellen Benavides Date: October 2008 Summary: “This workbook is designed to help you and your board: 1) understand the cultural and developmental context of your organization, 2) recognize strengths and challenges related to how you work together, and 3) consider alternative strategies that build on your strengths and guard against your challenges. This is a tool to guide board discussion – there are no right or wrong answers. Our goal is to provide you with a useful framework for being intentional about how you function as a board.”

Link: http://www.mapfornonprofits.org/vertical/Sites/%7B876C4FB8-E997-480F-BF5B-AFAA0F113D9D%7D/uploads/%7B5BBF59CA-679B-4F95-B67E-C2D411B8BB71%7D.PDF



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