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Rooted in History, Yet Engaged with the Present

Author: Alister McGrath
Date: December 10th, 2011
Key Words: historical identity, denominations, tradition, subcultures, English language, contextualization, ,

This is the third plenary session* of the EEAA General Assembly, held in London in 2011 on the topic:  Challenging the Vision of Theological Education.  Dr McGrath comments:  "The basic theme of my three lectures is that theological education today is both a challenging vision and a vision to be challenged. We need to review what we are doing and where we are going, partly in response to cultural pressures in the New Europe, and partly because of a growing realization than some traditional models of theological education are not delivering what we had hoped for. We cannot afford to fail our students; still less can we afford to fail our congregations, who these students will go on to serve. I realize that this general theme will be unsettling for many of you, but I see no point in evading the issues."

*See also the first and second plenary sessions of the EEAA General Assembly 2011.


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