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Time to Leave the Wilderness? The Teaching of Pastoral Theology in South East Asia.

Author: David Burke
Date: August 1st, 2012
Key Words: Pastoral education; action science; action-reflection; learning needs of pastors.

Asian theological education seems to be largely a development within educational models imported from western sources. This chapter explores how well-suited these models are to the realities of the pastoral ministries conducted by most graduates of Asian seminaries. It considers what pastors actually do, then questions the shape and adequacy of the teaching of pastoral theology in traditional seminary practice. It argues that this area is something of an educational wilderness, especially so given the diversity of SE Asian theological education. Learning through reflection on practice is suggested as a superior strategy, one which is well adapted to the diverse regional environment and to the expected diversities of graduates’ later Christian service.

From Tending the Seedbeds: Educational Perspectives on Theological Education in Asia (pp. 263-284). (Editor: Allan Harkness; Manila: Asia Theological Association; 2010.) Permission to upload this chapter onto this site has been granted by the Asia Theological Association. Printed copies of the book can be purchased from the Asia Theological Association (Email: ataasia@gmail.com; Website: www.ataasia.com).




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