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Sacred/Secular Divide and Theological Education--Asia (Article 4)

Author: Timoteo D. Gener
Date: September 11th, 2018
Key Words: Sacred/Secular Divide

What makes for an equipping that trains servant leaders in all walks of life? How is this concretely expressed in a Majority World graduate theological school? At Asian Theological Seminary (ATS) in the Philippines, we serve students in a variety of professions, which reveals an equipping that goes beyond training workers in the organized church and attracts student leaders from all walks of life. This holistic experience is hardly unique to ATS. I surveyed 19 theological institutions across Asia – from Jordan to Taiwan – and received testimony of many similar experiences. The theology and practices that proffer such holistic equipping, and the challenges we face in this mission, are key to the future of theological education. 


****The Oikonomia Network, in partnership with ICETE, has commissioned writers from four global regions to share the developments, challenges and opportunities involved in overcoming the sacred/secular divide in theological education in their contexts. These articles are for your personal use as you prepare to attend ICETE C-18, so our time in Panama City will be as fruitful as possible; please do not publish or redistribute them. The Oikonomia Network is a community of evangelical theological educators and schools dedicated to preparing church leaders to bear God's image, bear witness and bear fruit in every area of life, and to help others do so, with particular emphasis on needed growth in whole-life discipleship, fruitful work and economic wisdom; for more information see oikonomianetwork.org. 


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